Friday, March 14, 2008

Ski Mania

Back home, Pam is hobbling about without crutches now, and has found that she can now drive, so she took the kids to school and back while I was gone.

Walking back to the hotel, we saw the following famous local site. Look very closely at the picture below, and kind of squint, and you may be able to convince yourself that you can barely see a red line painted on the ground. After a long harsh winter it's very nearly worn away, but it will be repainted in the spring. It's a 216 meter long line, painted on the street in Mosjøen to show the length of the world-record longest women's ski jump, accomplished by a skier from this town.

At the airport, ski-jumping was on the TV. It was time to board and the line had all disappeared out the gate, except for this group of people gathered around the screen cheering. "232 meters on his first jump! That's fantastic!" Svein explained. To my amusement, the gate agent had to ask them to kindly board the plane.

Here's something I ate at the airport, a lefsa. Svein explained it as a strange Norwegian food, a kind of potato bread with some other things. People either like it or hate it. I had to try it of course... and it was good, filled with butter and sugar.

Back at our home airport (25 minute drive from Trondheim), Svein helped me find the flytaxi and told the driver, "Han er amerikansk, men han kann snakker norsk!" Thanks again, Svein! The driver was wonderful – we spoke Norwegian all the way back.

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