Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Storm's a-coming

The snow is coming down and has been coming down since yesterday. It's getting deep and looks blizzardy outside right now. Maggie's friend Frøy is over right now and we asked her if they ever have days in Norway when schools close because of too much snow. She laughed at this concept! She though that kids are in the USA are very lucky if they get to stay home and play in the snow instead of going to school!

Yesterday Pam and I drove to Melhus for 'fysioterapi' (you can guess that word!) I looked up the location on Google Maps before we left, but alas, Google Maps took us the wrong way off the highway exit and looped us around into the middle of fields. We soon were on a one-lane snowed over road in the middle of nowhere, very low on gas and late for our appointment.

Pam's leg is doing much better, but now her other hip is starting to hurt. She's been back at school teaching half days.

I've been studying norsk every day. I'm using a text called På Vei which is used in Norwegian courses. It is entirely in Norwegian, which makes it tricky, but it's pretty good. I have a workbook and CD also. I did 3 chapters over the weekend and I've started chapter 4. The difficulty level has ramped up pretty quickly. I have 27 days to be proficient... Jeg vil det gjøre selg om ta livet met! (I will do it even if it kills me!)

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