Sunday, March 23, 2008

Vigeland Park

Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943).

From the Folk Museum we caught a bus to Vigelandparken, a park filled with statues of naked people... a LOT of statues! Old, young, fat, thin, men, women, children... fantastic artwork of all kinds of people in all kinds of action poses. The works are wonderful, not just the poses but the expressions on their faces. Each piece tells a story. The centerpiece of the park is a tower of bodies, but my favorite statue has to be the man being attacked by a pack of babies. Strange and amazing. We were very glad to not have missed this extraordinary place!

Two electric trams took us right back to the door of our hotel for naps. We'd planned on a visit to the Norsk Teknisk Musee, but rather than head out again we opted instead for in-room movies (included for free with our V.I.P. room.) Tomorrow the bunny comes.

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