Friday, March 7, 2008

Waffles and Brun Ost

On Fridays, we take turns at the Math Center either bringing in cake or making waffles. Today it was waffles... mmmm... I love when it's waffle day. There are two favorite ways to dress up waffles: with sour cream and strawberry jam, or brun ost and raspberry jam. I must say, sour cream and jam is shockingly good. Eating them with brun ost is, well, I suppose we should call it another authentic Norwegian experience!

Brun ost literally means brown cheese. While it is eaten in some parts of Sweden, it is otherwise unique to Norway. It's made from boiling down the whey leftover from cheese production until the sugars turn into caramel. This residue is then blended with cream until it congeals into a fatty brown block of a somewhat disgusting but strangely compelling "food." I don't really like it, but I find myself drawn to it nonetheless. I haven't turned it down the last few times it's been offered, behavior I find a little bit disturbing.

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  1. Hei! What do Swedes eat on their waffles?

  2. Hei! We eat whipped cream and jam... sometimes ice cream. :) Cloudberry (molter, in norwegian)jam is popular with waffels, I prefer strawberries (jordbær).

  3. My family & I just got back from Norway and immediately had to recreate their yummy waffle recipe... topped with both jam AND sour cream. I must say that plain sour cream on waffles was my favorite! My family, however, has been disagreeing with me that the sour cream they used on their waffles was just like our American sour cream... with no sugar or sweetners added. Can anyone confirm this for me?