Friday, March 21, 2008

Zoo Museum & Mr. Hong's

The Munch museum is close to the natural history museum complex, part of University of Oslo. We strolled through the "beautiful" botanical gardens (barren this time of year) to the Zoology museum. All of the buildings looked quite old, and the Zoology museum had what appeared to be boarded windows. It didn't look promising at all. Once inside, though... wow! Very modern, with hundreds of high quality exhibits and thousands of beautiful animal displays. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit!

Above: the math and nature room.
Below: the puffin display, Peter getting eaten by a giant mussel,
and Peter with a big ugly Norwegian fish.

Back for naps, which lasted a bit longer than we expected. Our room has an espresso machine, complete with steamer, and we just happened to bring a liter of milk with us, so we made our own steamed milks with sugar. Yum!

We left at 7:00 for a late dinner, strolling down Oslo's famous Stortingsgata (Parliment Street) to Mr. Hong's Japanese/Thai/Mongolian restaurant. The kids liked playing with the goldfish in the trough that ran through the dining room. Our waiter warned us that the meals we ordered were "very spicy," but I should've known that Norwegians have a different spiciness-scale thatn we do back in the States, and the fire was merely a fizzle. The flavor was delicious, but next time I'll need to ask for the hottest they can muster.

Peter and Anna fell asleep in the restaurant after the meal, so it was a cumbersome walk back to the hotel.

The Royal Palace and icicles outside the National Theater.
Below: Mr. Hong's and The Hard Rock Cafe, Oslo.

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