Thursday, April 24, 2008

Barnehage Visit

Wednesday morning at the senteret I hosted my barnehage (literally "child garden", or "kindergarten" in German) -- a visit I was nervously anticipating. The night before I was up late practicing my lines, which included some fairly sophisticated sentences, like "Will you roll the dice so we can see how many passengers the bus will pick up?" and "I don't think she likes it when you bite her ankle." That night I had a dream about the visit, and in the dream I was talking in Norwegian, a sure sign that I'm about to "lose it."

I had tagged a colleague to accompany me if I needed help with translating. She didn't show up however until sometime after the kids arrived, so it was up to me to meet the teachers, greet the class, get them settled, and begin our activities. The kids were a little nervous about the "guy with the funny accent," but after talking about the circus and doing a juggling show I had them on my side. We played a bus game, worked with numbers and counters, had a snack, and then learned all about cubes and prisms. It was an exciting math-filled morning for the kids, and much easier to communicate and connect with the kids than I feared it would be. Success!

(Notice the kid in the Detroit Red Wings jersey?)

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