Saturday, April 19, 2008

The cost of transport

Where did the week go? I wrote an article this week, made big progress on a puzzle book, and submitted final version of my geometry art book to the new publisher. Also ran a high school math club meeting and visited with a kindergarten.

Tomorrow I leave for Karmøy for two days of lesson studies... we'll see how much more I can understand this time around. It should be a nice trip, but I'll likely be out of internet contact as we'll be staying in a historic house in the harbor section of town. Some good photos should be coming next week!

Pam went out with work folk last night downtown last night, left the car in a parking garage and took a taxi home. I took a bus downtown to pick up the car today. Extra expenses for taxi, parking, and bus came to over $70! (We are less than 10 minute drive downtown). I guess with gas at nearly $10/gallon, that's what the prices are, but I was surprised at the $6 fare for a 9 minute bus ride. You'd think the government would be highly subsidizing public transportation to encourage people to ride. And yet... the bus was packed. Back in Washington, bus fare is 1/10 of the price here, and buses are underutilized. Maybe with expensive gas and car fees, people are more willing to travel primarily by bus.

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