Saturday, April 26, 2008


While Pam and Anna napped, the rest of us headed down past the neighbor's horses to the boat house and launched Allan's aluminum row boat. We rowed out to sea, six of us in the small boat, and hunted for cod and mackerel. The fishing gear consisted of 6 or 7 lured hooks spread out along a length of heavy fishing line with a weight on the end. The line was wrapped around a spool like you might use for a kite, and lowered deep into the water. By jerking up and down, apparently fish can be snagged, sometimes 6 or 7 at once if the time is right.

We climbed out on a distant shore to explore briefly before heading back. It felt viking-ish out there on the water, but the only fish we managed to snare this weekend came from Bunn Pris.

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