Monday, April 14, 2008

Grocery Store Quirks

Grocery stores close on Sunday in Norway... unless they are less than 100 square meters. Some stores, like this one in Klæbu, fence off most of the store on Sunday, leaving only a fraction of the store open with the most popular items. Sometimes you'll see a person working in the closed off section, with the wall open a little bit. This will allow you to "sneak in" to the closed section to get that item you really need, and then "sneak out" back to the register. It's illegal for shops to allow this, but many do it anyways, a beautiful work-around to a peculiar law.

The other strange grocery store thing: stores stop selling beer at 6 pm on Saturday. I found this out when I walked down to the Bunn Pris at 6:10 Saturday evening, to find the cooler doors locked and big blue Ringnes Beer curtain pulled around the stacks of six packs. (No one buys a case of beer here, 24 beers would cost about $120). Unfortunately, I don't know of a good work-around to this law.

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