Sunday, April 27, 2008

Heading Home

Remarkably, we were on the road soon after 10 am. It had rained all night again, and the day started cloudy but soon brightened up. We made a bathroom stop and the kids walked down to play near the water and made a great find -- thousands of blåskjeller (="blue shells" = "mussels") all along the water's edge. We spend a few minutes filling a bag with them... tonight we will eat this unexpected treat!

We passed a couple of this ugly temporary villages on the fjords. They're called "spikertelter" or "nail tents", and they're RVs that have a small wooden hytta build onto the side. They're for people who can't afford a hytta so they buy a campsite in a designated camping area, then build a "tent" on the side of their motor home. By pushing the definition of the word "tent" to beyond where it should go, they manage to legally have a hytta on the fjord for cheap. Some of these nail tents are quite elaborate, the more expensive ones with solar panel roofs.

There's a city called Orkanger. Full of angry orcs, one would presume. It's in Orkdahl, or "Ork Valley." Hide your hobbits!

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