Friday, April 11, 2008

On the Rocky Shores of Lade

Friday after school we headed out with friends to Lade. The surprise snow disappeared as quickly as it had come, and the evening promised to be sunny and, if not warm, at least not cold. We walked from Scott and Teresa's down to the beach. Dads carried laughing daughters on their shoulders as we hiked through a neighborhood to the fjord ahead:

Scott brought a bag of wood and we soon had a fire going sheltered against some rocks. We cooked pølse (hot dogs) and marshmallows, gathered sticks, conquered islands, scaled rocky hills, and gave ourselves Viking names.

This area is where the largest viking ship was built centuries ago, and it's easy to feel history calling from the fjord. We stayed until the sun dropped low in the sky, then took the long way back home, choosing which of the houses in the neighborhood we should like to move to. The smell of the campfire lingered in our clothing, and now we can truly believe that summer will come again.

On top of that pole is our lookout, Anna's purple kitten, "Sparkle Kitty." Tonight, Sparkle Kitty earned a name: Sparkle Kitty Walks-Through-Fire. Use your imagination to figure out how she got that name!

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