Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday Drama

Maggie worked on her science fair project this weekend. How does the shape of bird wings affect flight? She's making airplanes with 3 different wing designs based on different bird wings. Cool.

Pam and I went to Brænnebukta, a beach on the west side of Trondheim, to check it out as a field trip destination for Pam's class study of ecosystems. Cool little beach. Mossy forest, grassy plain, cobblestone beach, waterfall cliffs. A good outing.

In the evening, Anna hit her head on a table and cut her eyebrow open. A scary amount of blood. While Pam and I tended to her, Maggie and Peter took it upon themselves to get paper towels and cups of water and clean up the mess. Then they build a nest for Anna and after she was calm and bandaged, they tucked her in with all of the stuffed animals. Anna took her role as patient very seriously, and the older kids were wonderful nurses. Maggie even made a get-well card for Anna. I am very proud of them. Anna is just fine.

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