Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Morning

Despite getting to bed late, the kids are up early. Adults pull themselves up a bit later. Allan bakes us boller, round rolls that are slightly sweet. Allan bakes every day, and we sure do love his boller!

Many Norwegians have two hyttas, one for summer and one for winter, and Allan is no exception. In the winter we stayed at his hytta on the skiing trails; that hytta was quite rustic. This one is not as primitive -- it has water and electricity, but it is heated with a woodburning stove. It's yellow with a red roof, and I'm told it used to live a few hundred meters away and was moved decades ago, rolled on logs to its current location.

First order of business is setting up the trampoline. The kids insisted we put it next to the porch so they can jump down onto it. Anna joins in, soaring like a bird.... she is absolutely fearless.

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