Saturday, April 5, 2008

Season's Changing

How quickly change has come. One month ago it was dark, cold, and snowy. Now the days are long -- longer than they are back in Bellingham. It is getting warmer and warmer. The snow is almost all gone. Pam's leg is healed. We're going to the gym again. All feels good.

I'm guessing that summer in Norway is so nice that people forget about the soul-crushing darkness of winter, and perhaps it is this that keeps the small population of this country from fleeing en masse.

We've suddenly picked up a lot of social activities, also, perhaps part of the changing seasons. We were quite busy this week. On Tuesday evening Pam held a science fair information meeting for parents of her students. Everyone came of course -- only one kid's parents couldn't make it, and so he took the bus. On Wednesday we had the brewery tour. On Thursday we had friends over for dinner and cards.

Three busy evenings during my busy week teaching. Thursday evening I went into the office at 9:30 and worked until nearly 1 am. It was a good evening -- I had tunes playing from my favorite band, Half Looking (find them at the iTunes store), and the lights of Trondheim glittering on the hills in the darkness filled the floor-to-ceiling window from the top of the Realfagbygget.

Friday I went to Tyholt Tårn with Matematikksenteret folk, tonight Pam is off with her girlfriends for a birthday party (a formal affair as is common for parties here), and tomorrow we go to a hytte-warming party followed by a bowling party followed by a pizza party.


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