Friday, April 25, 2008

To Frøya

After various types of weather had spoiled weekend-on-the-island plans, we finally got our chance. Allan picked us up after school Friday in his new used Mercedes microbus (seats 15), and we headed out to his hytta on Frøya. Frøya is an island about a 3-hour drive west of Trondheim. With stops and bathroom breaks, make that about a 4-hour drive. To get to Frøya, we drive under two fjords. These underwater tunnels are each about 6 km long, taking us from the mainland to the island of Hitra and then on to Frøya. (The names Hitra and Frøya come from words meaning "near" and "far".)

We arrived about 9:30 pm, twilight well under way, and hurried to unpack and get the fire going to heat the cabin. What adventures await us?

The new "magic bus"!

The bus seats 15... we had 8 humans and 8 bicycles.

One of the waterfalls on the way.

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