Thursday, April 3, 2008


Here's my team I'm teaching with. Mette is a statistics prof at NTNU and volunteered to teach a stats and probability project with the class today. I gratefully accepted her offer. The kids loved it!

We started the week working on multiplication and division, but it has become clear quite a few of the kids are struggling with addition such as 11+2, so I needed to change things up a bit.

Early in the week, I had scripted my words and painstakingly translated them, but due in part to some busy evenings and some increased confidence, I've not been scripting. Instead I've been relying on creative combinations of the few hundred words I know, a lot of body language and mime, and occasionally tossing the job of translating to one of my parent volunteers. The kids have been fantastic teaching me pronounciation and vocabularly, and I've found myself thinking less and less about what I'm saying and just saying it.

I should have done this months ago!

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