Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Today I hosted another barnehage. May came in and out for parts of it, but lost interest because I really didn't need any help. During lunch I followed parts of conversations in the lunch room, in the afternoon I wrote several emails in Norwegian, and after work I talked to several people in the grocery store in norsk. Very weird -- I'm getting better at this. The tricky part is that people now think I can speak Norwegian so they're speaking less and less English to me... and correcting my mistakes less and less because I can get my meaning across okay. The bar just keeps getting higher. Ugh! Even though there are now only two months left before I return home, I'll keep working at this language.

Tomorrow is a holiday so businesses and schools are closed, and Friday is not really a holiday, but since it's pinched off by the Thursday holiday it's called a "squeeze holiday" and most people won't work. We are anticipating a relaxing four-day weekend.

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