Saturday, May 17, 2008

17th of May

17th of May is National Day in Norway, the celebration of the nation's birth. We parked at the university and headed downtown to catch a morning parade, one of many today. Downtown was packed... seems like everyone in Trondelag had come to a one square km area. People are dressed up in traditional costumes... and they look great! All of the kids go on parade with their schools, all expect for our kids – the older two weren't particularly interested and our youngest was too young for regulations. However, after naps, I took Anna to a special parade for young kids and their parents, which was perfect because I wanted to be in the parade, too! A marching band led the way, and Anna waved the biggest flag in the entire lineup. She was thrilled! She wore her sparkliest princess dress (it was not quite like the traditional Norwegian dresses worn by most of the women and girls, but it was worn in good spirit!)

Happy Birthday, Norway!

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