Monday, May 26, 2008

Dandelion Morning

Saturday morning Maggie went to Frøy's hytta and I took Anna and Peter down to the Traffikgård. We walked past the soccer fields, busy with games this sunny morning, and stopped by the BMX tracks. Several kids were biking down the hill and over the jumps. Peter tried a couple of times, wiping out beautifully until I helped steady him and talk him through it. I cheered for the other kids as they completed runs... very un-Norwegian of me. The kids were surprised and pleased and took to smiling at us.

At the Traffikgård, or Traffic Garden, the kids were not interested in using the comprehensive sets of practice streets for bicycles, but rather in picking dandelions. We made crowns, bundled weeds, collected grass seeds, and climbed trees. On the way home we stopped at the playground at Eberg Skole. They were totally wiped out when we got home and took long naps, reviving themselves for our evening adventure.

The dandelions are a different variety than in the United States. The yellow flowers look the same as in the states, but when they seed, the white fluffy stuff is much finer and fluffier. Huh.

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