Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Frøy's Hytta

Sunday morning after a lazy start, we headed off to Hommelvik to spend an afternoon at the hytta of Maggie's friend Frøy. Again we took the back roads, avoiding the tolls. I love this drive.

I don't know Elisabeth and Martin very well at all, despite the fact that we've been sharing our daughters with each other's families for the whole year. This was a nice opportunity to get to know them.

Below is Elisabeth and Martin, a picture of Elizabeth from a Norwegian tourist magazine that she appeared in many years ago. Yes, today we were hanging out with a magazine model!

The hytta is small and lovely. It runs on 12V solar electricity, it collects rainwater and filters it for washing, pressure provided by an electric pump. Add in a compost toilet and they have a very nice eco-friendly getaway, perfect for end-of-the-world scenarios. The cottage looks over both the fjord and a smaller building that the girls use for their sleepover.

We walked down to the fjord and explored the rocky shore. Today the sun is shining warmly but the wind blows cool and steady. The surf is loud and the waves break dramatically at our feet. The stone is fascinating, striated layers, slashed with thin ribbons of white quartz. Vikings once roamed these shores, 1000 years ago.

Coming back we wait for the train. The rails sing to us 30 seconds before the two-car train thunders past us.

Back at the hytta, Elisabeth serves us sod, a traditional soup made with meatballs and carrots, served with a boiled potato and flatbread. Absolutely delicious!

This was our busiest weekend yet, and certainly one of the best.

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