Friday, May 16, 2008

Geology Day and Sleepover (plus some Torghatten)

Pam has had an exciting week. On Tuesday she took her class to NTNU for a geology day with Allan. The kids used tools to smash open stones, saw very cool videos, toured the labs, and walked around Trondheim observing local rocks. A very exciting day! Allan does many of these shows for 5th grade classes each year, and is well-known in the community as the "guy with the orange cap."

Last night, Pam's students had a sleepover at the school. They played games, had pizza, watched a movie, and basically didn't sleep much. I saw the class this morning, and all of the kids were quiet with baggy eyes, but looked to be quite happy.

Sven just brought me some of his pictures from Torghatten, so I add a few of the very nice ones here.

I sent the picture below of me with the ARMY MATH T-Shirt to my buddy Brian at the Military Academy at West Point. He showed it around and it got universal "Hooah!"'s. Go Army!

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