Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Peter Falls From Tall Tree, Lands in Hospital

There's always debate at the international school about tree-climbing at recess. The Norwegian way is "let them play... if they get hurt, that's part of learning." The American way is "don't risk anything or we'll get sued!" (How did America go from the land of taking risks to the land of playing it safe?) The international school is a mix of native Norwegians and foreigners, and some parents think kids should be kids and other parents freak out at potential dangers. We're the kind of parents who think kids should climb trees. And as fate would have it, it's our kid that falls.

Peter fell from the top of a tree this morning and landed on a fence, piercing his thigh rather deeply and rather dramatically. The wound is large and rather hideous looking. We're in the hospital right now, he's doing quite well and sleeping soundly, but he hasn't had surgery yet. Surgery was scheduled for 5 pm, but then there was a car accident. They had him ready to go again at 9 pm, but then a chainsaw accident came in. So surgery will wait until morning. He seems to have no problem moving his leg, so it looks like the muscle may not be damaged bady. We'll know the extent of the damage tomorrow. I'm sleeping with him tonight.

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