Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Peter in Sykehuset

Peter had surgery this morning, 22 hours after arriving at the hospital. Ugh. He did very well, no damage to the muscle, nerves, or vascular system... it's only a flesh wound. An hour after the operation he wanted to walk around but we made him stay in bed. Two hours after the operation he went out walking, and Pam had a hard time keeping him from running and climbing. Yep, he'll be fine if we can get him to take it easy.

They'll let him leave in the morning, but in typical Norwegian style they'd prefer he stay four more days. In the U.S., they try to hurry you out the door from the hospital. Here they want you to stay and stay. We'll stay one more night.

Here's some pics:

1. Peter being loaded into the ambulance at school. It was big news at school. Many classes made 'god bedring' (good recovery, or good 'bettering') cards for him. Most were addressed "Dear Petter". Petter is the Norwegian version of Peter.

2. The rooms have a TV/video game console built in. Peter had his choice of a stack of Playstation 2 games. He was pretty happy!

3. 4. & 5. Off to the surgical theater. I got to go in to help him get settled. He was pretty excited!

6. & 7. He recovered pretty darn quickly. Here he is eating cornflakes with whipped cream on top, and down in the lobby checking out the candy selection.

8. Wicked! The wound is about 8 cm across and shaped like a Mercedes symbol. That's going to be a very cool scar... Peter is pretty pleased with it.

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