Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Settlers Fra Catan

We talked Mark into having a cook-out after school on Friday. We met another Mark who works for Stadt Oil. (A lot of people we meet work for the oil companies, perhaps especially in Trondheim which is home to the science and technology university). Mark tells out the between the piers and Munkholmen (the sole island in the fjord) lies the most technologically advanced sea floor in the world. His team of geophysicists is conducting research scanning sea floors looking for oil that is left behind from drill sites, and the floor is crawling with sensors and robots. Coooooool.

We played The Settlers Fra Catan, our favorite game. Mark has the game in Norwegian. We've started getting a regular crowd of folks who are hooked on the game now... this is a very good thing. We had some disagreement about the name, though. fra = from, so they're calling it the Settlers from Catan whereas we call it the Settlers of Catan, a subtle but important difference. Are they settling Catan, or did they come from Catan and are now settling some unnamed land. Mysteries.

The kids were up to midnight tonight. It is very difficult for anyone to want to go to sleep when it's still light out!

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