Sunday, June 15, 2008

15 years Birthday Celebration

Anna, Anna Lola, and Sophia had their 15th birthday party today. 15 years old, altogether that is. They all turned 5 recently and we finally had a party. (Anna's party is only about 4 months late!) Evelina took over planning and we had a big affair. Lots of decorations and face painting, frog races, crown making, pin the tail on the donkey, juggling show, cupcake decorating with personal cupcake candles, prizes, bean-bag toss, yummy treats. If we hadn't run out of time, we'd have had a puppet show, too. We thought the party was over-the-top, especially for Norway, but the girls had a blast... and so did the grownups! (We even were terrorized by a mummy, thanks to make-up artist Maggie and movie-monster Peter.)

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