Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dinner with Svein and Astrid

My friends Svein and Astrid are leaving for vacation in Greece, so they invited us over to dinner to say goodbye on Saturday. They live in a downtown apartment, and like many of the apartments I've seen in Trondheim, the building doesn't look like much from the outside but the space inside is quite beautiful. Their apartment overlooks much of the downtown.

Adults had wine and laks and all kinds of tasty Norwegian meats and cheeses, while the kids made 'pølse i pyjamas', or sausages in pajamas, which are hotdogs baked into pizza dough. After dinner we played games and talked and laughed. It was a very pleasant visit, and yet another goodbye.

Here's Peter and Svein with some of Svein's awards. In 2005, he won the award for best math teacher in Norway, the first year the award was given. A few years earlier he won best science teacher in Norway, and went on to the European competition where he took 3rd place in all of Europe. Not too shabby!

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