Thursday, June 5, 2008


Went to dinner at Daniel and Evelina's last night. Anna stayed for sleepover. Then we met Mat out at the festning last night. Sunshine, people all over the grounds playing football and frisbee and juggling. People gathering in groups from 3 to 30. It was 9 pm and it felt like middle of the afternoon.

"It's like a different country," Mat observed. It does feel like an entirely different country.

We played 500, an Australian card game. I got the beautiful open mesire show here, it's the highest hand you can call and my deal was nearly perfect. Nice!

Tonight we go on a "Blå Tur", a mystery trip, a Blue Tour, a trip into the Blue! It's arranged by people at my work. We are to show up at a specific time and location, and then... what will happen? Who knows?

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