Tuesday, June 3, 2008

London, day 2. "Look kids, Big Ben!"

Traffic drives "the wrong way" in England, which makes crossing streets hazardous for right-hand driving foreigners because you tend to look for cars in the wrong direction. In London they label the street crossings with LOOK RIGHT or LOOK LEFT. It helps!

The mall is lined with plain trees, Andrew told us yesterday, a kind of tree that was planted all over London decades ago to combat the smog. They absorb carbon in their bark and then the bark peels away and the carbon is swept away. The strategy worked, clearing up much of the air pollution in the city.

Friday morning we head out to catch a double-decker tour bus. This was an excellent activity to do early in our trip. The kids loved riding up top and seeing all the fantastic buildings and dragons and statues and pigeons! And my were there pigeons!

We never got tired of saying, "Look kids, Big Ben!" Here we are in matching outfits waiting for the tour bus and Anna spotting the tower.

Cool architecture everywhere. I liked this one with golden women diving into space.

Big Ben through the London Eye, taken from the top of our bus about to cross the Thames.

We got off at Tower of London...

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