Tuesday, June 3, 2008

London, day 3. Trafalgar, Science, and more Naylors

We'd planned to meet my uncle Rick and aunt Jeanette at Trafalgar Square this morning at 10:30, and we'd heard on the bus tour that at 10:00 there would a practice precession for the Queen's birthday next month.

We headed to the square and the Mall and watched soldiers march down the street. A bobby (policeman) asked if we wanted tickets to the grandstand. Someone couldn't go and he had two tickets, stand A, block 1, row A, seats 007 and 008. Pretty good seats. They just give you stuff in this country! Pam and Maggie went while Peter, Anna and I went to climb on lions and wait for our relatives.

Uncle Rick took us for icecream and then bought us lunch in Leicester Square, where there's lots of theatres. We ate at an outdoor cafe (the sun was shining today) and then tubed it to the science museum. The museum is huge and has the best collection of math artifacts I've seen in one place. It has some fun kid zones, but the museum has a dark feel to it that gets creepy after a while. Nearby is the museum of natural history, with a butterfly garden and maze. We hear this is the best museum for kids, but our days were always shorter than intended and we never made it back to the museums in South Kensington. Nevertheless, I was quite pleased to have seen the collections.

After the museum we ate at Sea Fresh in Victoria, some very excellent fish and chips. Perfect! Uncle Rick picked up the tab again -- no small thing feeding a family of 5 at a restaurant in London! Rick, Jeanette, Drew and family are very recently discovered family members. It was great to meet Rick again and meet Jeanette for the first time. Thanks for meeting us in London, Naylors!

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