Wednesday, June 4, 2008

London, day 4. Daleks and Frenchmen

Maggie has been collecting newspapers in the tubes. She found us BK coupons, and yesterday an advert for the Doctor Who exhibition at Earl's Court! We headed out this Sunday morning to be there for the 10 am opening.

When my psychic paper didn't work to get us free tickets, Peter tried using his sonic screwdriver on the credit card machine. The ticket lady pretended to be amused.

Here's some pictures of the Face of Bo, Cybermen, and a Slitheen. Oh yes, there were plenty of Ood and Daleks, too. In fact, the Dalek Encounter room was quite good and frightened the children rather well!

Afterwards we tubed a few stops away to meet some old friends. Here's a neat picture in the Earl's Court tube station of a bright green plant growing on dirty black lifeless bricks.

I hadn't seen Emman for 15 years. We were good friends at Michigan State, and were immediately friends again. We met at Sloane Square and all went for a big greasy lunch at a pub, then over to his apartment to let the kids play video games and to meet his son, Nic. Last time I saw Nic he was 6 years old so I didn't know what to expect. It was quite a surprise to see him fully grown! We got along right away. The kids grew tired and so we took a bus and a couple of tubes to go home. As Pam put the kids to bed, I returned to Eman and Nic's flat to visit some more. It was exactly like the old days, as if I'd walked out of their apartment one day and returned the next, but somehow we were all 15 years older.

Emman hates it when I take his picture, so he'd probably hate it even more if he knew I put on my blog. Don't tell him.

Below: Peter boxes with Nic's girlfriend Celia on the Wii. Me and Nic look more alike now than we did 15 years ago.

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