Wednesday, June 4, 2008

London, day 5. St. Paul's and Tate

Here's Maggie enjoying the breeze on the tubes.

For our final morning, we explored the area around St. Paul's cathedral and walked across the Millenium Bridge to the Tate Modern Art Gallery. (When the Millenium Bridge opened in 2000, it swayed so much it was renamed the Wobbly Bridge. It is rumored that the architect said: "The bridge was designed perfectly and built perfectly. The problem is the weight of all the people." Don't know if that's true, but it's funny.)

During afternoon naps, I went down to the post office to try to mail a box of winter clothes back to the States. We'd hoped postage would be much cheaper in England than in Norway, but they wanted $144 to mail the box home, so we didn't bother.

When our plane landed in Oslo at 11 pm, we watched a beautiful sunset through the plane windows, and at 1 am on our drive home after landing in Trondheim we watched a beautiful sunrise. It felt so very nice to be back in Norway!

We discovered on this trip how very difficult it is to do very much sightseeing on a trip with 3 young children. I remember as a kid being taken on family trips to wonderful places and being oh so very bored unless there was an arcade game or gift shop nearby. Having said that, we did plenty and I am very pleased with the slice of London we experienced, but it was smaller slice than what it will be next time when the kids are adults!

Near the end of the trip I realized that the grocers and the buses and the tubes and the boroughs and the clouds and the rain and the musicians in the stations and the bustle and the pigeons and the friends and the stories and tucking in for the evening with a cider in a flat by a park in Paddington, this is all London, too. And it was all good.

Thanks for the visits, cousin Drew, uncle Rick, aunt Jeanette, Eman and Nic!

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