Friday, June 27, 2008

Road Trip!

Just a few days left in Norway, time to see some sights in Trøndelag we hadn't seen. On the agenda for today, from right to left on on the map below, stone carvings at Leirfall, the festning at Hegra, Forbordsfjellen, Steinvikholmen, and Tautra (time permitting).

I told Anna we'd be going to a very cool fortress today.
"Fortress? What's a fortress?" she asked.
"It's a festning," I told her.
"Oh! A festning! Yay, we're going to a festning!" Bit by bit, the English slips away.

Mat's parents and his friend Simon are in town, and they decide to follow us out on our grand tour. Simon has just returned from China doing conservation work on a Panda reserve. How cool is that?

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