Monday, June 23, 2008

Romeo og Julie på Munkholmen

Pam went with Patrick tonight to see "Romeo og Julie" on the isle of Munkholmen in the fjord very near Trondheim. They caught the 6:00 ferry (55 kr. round trip, about $11) for the 6:30 showing. Munkholmen was settled in 1105 and in the mid-1600s a fortress was built on the small island. Today it hosts a museum, sunbathers in the summer, and Shakespeare plays.

Tonight it was cold and raining, but the play was indoors so far as that went. Inside the old fortress it was cold and drafty, and patrons huddled beneath wool blankets to watch the performance. The plays in Munkholmen are put on by an amateur troop composed largely of young performers under the supervision of a brilliant director who has been doing this for 25 years. Pam says that it was just wonderful. It was entirely in Norwegian of course ("Romeo, Romeo, hvor er du, Romeo?")

Here's some Munkholmen pictures from Wikipedia, showing Munkholmen on a sunnier day.

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