Friday, June 27, 2008

Stop 3: Forbordsfjellet

Forbordsfjellet means "before the foot of the mountain", which makes this an unusual choice of names for the mountain itself. It's an example of a place name changing over the years. Merete at the office recommended this drive. It's a bit tricky to find, if we hadn't had explicit directions we would've missed it. Driving north on E6 from Stjordal, you cross the railroad tracks and the road jogs to the right. Watch for this church:

Turn into the church parking lot, then down the driveway of a farmhouse. There's box to deposit 20 kr. which goes to the farmer who lives there. He maintains the road, aparently. Just like the drive to the rock carvings, there's a distinct feeling that you're not supposed to be driving on this road. Try to keep in mind that Norwegians are much more relaxed about private property than in the U.S. and keep driving.

Up, up, up, up. This road leads to the highest point in all Sør-Trøndelag. Finally, we reach the top of and it's yet another WOW! on this trip. We can see east to Sweden and west to Trondheim. We can see the entire route we'd driven to get here. Far in the distance we can make out Munkholmen, the island just off-shore from Trondheim. Nearby we can see Steinvikholmen, our next stop on our voyage, and beyond that we can see Tautra and the long long bridge leading out to this island.

We find a nice spot overlooking Åsenfjord and Trondheimsfjord to the east and light up the grills. Pølse, chicken, salmon with pesto... we eat like kings. Afterwards we walk all around the peak of this mountain taking in all the views. Glorious scenery, and we didn't even have to hike to get here. Not a bad deal.

Above: the small island to the left connected by a short bridge is Steinvikholmen, the next stop on our trip. Behind that is a landmass, and in the body of water behind that is a long very skinny island which is Tautra, home to a monastery.

Below: a dark dark mountain to the west, very mysterious. Two views to the south, including Værnes airport, and a mysterious UFO which landed on this mountain.

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