Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Danish Language

A very funny video with Danes making fun of how the language has degraded to the point they don't understand each other. The only thing they can enjoy together is watching TV in Norwegian.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Violin Concert

Here's a song from the concert I attended in Trondheim in November. This is the first concert of parent-child teams who started class this year. Two of our friends are playing, each with their daughters, both Anna's friends.

This song is called Jeg kan spille fiolin. Nice!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Children's Songs

Treasure for today: children's songs in Norwegian, words and podcasts:


Kids first read the words, then the class sings the songs. You can read along and translations are given. The first one is Incy-Wincy Spider, called Lille Petter Edderkopp, which means Little Peter Spider. Instead of climbing up a water spout, little Peter spider climbs up on my hat.

Our family favorite is the one about the Troll mother who puts her 11 troll children to bed, ties their tails together, and then sings them a beautiful troll song. When Maggie slept over at Frøy's house, her mother used to sing this to them as a lullaby. The

There are many other podcasts on this site... some good exploring ahead! Thank you Løkeberg skolen!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I'm sure this is really cheesy, but this has been a fun language exercise. Searching for norsk videos on YouTube, I hit Norway's version of "We Are The World"; well-known Norwegian artists singing together to raise money for tsunami victims in 2004.

It's a catchy song and the singers look interesting -- famous Norwegian pop artists I'm sure. Finding out about them might be a good way to explore Norwegian music. But what are they singing? On first listen, I can't do it, I can't tell what they're saying at all. Reading is easy, but listening is hard. I can understand when someone is speaking to me carefully, but normal conversation I still can't follow, and this song I cannot understand from listening alone.

So I score a lucky search and hit the lyrics on the first try. Åh! That's what they're saying, of course it is.

"Jeg kan være en venn/Jeg ser at du faller/Jeg ser at du faller/Du vil reise deg igjen."
(I can be a friend, I see that you've fallen, I see that you've fallen, You will stand up again.)

Go on, sing along with the video. You know that you want to!

I notice the singers are pronouncing the words differently. "Jeg" especially (the pronoun "I") has many pronounciation depending on what part of Norway one is from. One of the comments mentions this.

Another quick search and I have the guitar tabs. This morning my exercise is to write all these comments and practice until I understand and can say the comments fluently while the video plays. I'll start investigating some of these artists, too.