Saturday, December 20, 2008

Children's Songs

Treasure for today: children's songs in Norwegian, words and podcasts:

Kids first read the words, then the class sings the songs. You can read along and translations are given. The first one is Incy-Wincy Spider, called Lille Petter Edderkopp, which means Little Peter Spider. Instead of climbing up a water spout, little Peter spider climbs up on my hat.

Our family favorite is the one about the Troll mother who puts her 11 troll children to bed, ties their tails together, and then sings them a beautiful troll song. When Maggie slept over at Frøy's house, her mother used to sing this to them as a lullaby. The

There are many other podcasts on this site... some good exploring ahead! Thank you Løkeberg skolen!

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