Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Norway, everywhere we turn! Not only does it seems to infilitrate every thought, it is also embedded all around us, daily reminders of the new world we will be joining.

I found two cloth norsk flags in my mailbox at work today, a surprise gift from Janet. She gave us a big flag last year, which is currently in storage in Trondheim with a roomful of our things. It's good to have the flags up again!

We speak norsk at home more and more, the kids are really enjoying it. Peter and Anna both make up words when they don't know the Norwegian word. Anna explains that the word are in Evernew, the language spoken in Evernoon, her fantasy world. The language there alway changes, and so the language in Evernoon is indeed, ever new.

I've finished the 3 CD set of Norwegian conversation. It got very good and quite challenging at the end as the speakers progressed from speaking slowly and enunciating clearly, to speak naturally and slurring a few phrases. I'm going to give them all a listen through again, and maybe edit the files so I can hear them back to back without all the music and grammar lessons.

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