Monday, January 19, 2009

Far and Few, Fjerne og få

I've had early morning walks with Boomer this weekend. He is glad to be out after all the bad weather we've had. I put norwegian songs and poetry on my ipod and listen while we walk. It is a nice break from the audio lessons.

Last year in the public library in Trondheim, I found a book of Edward Lear poetry translated to Norwegian. Included is one of my favorite poems, The Jumblies...

Far and few, far and few
is the land where the Jumblies live.
Their heads are green and their hands are blue
and they sailed to sea in a sieve.

”Fjerne og få er de riker nå
hvor vildrene holder til.
deres hode er grønt, deres hender blå,
og de dro til sjøs i en sil.”

I had Merete read it into my computer last year. Here is her reading of the whole poem:

Vildrene, (translated from the Jumblies, by Edward Lear)

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