Friday, January 16, 2009

Keeping on keeping on.

Watched a few Seigmenn videos, as recommended by Anika (19). Reminds me a lot of the angsty 80s bands. I do like the acoustic version of Dödelein.

Searching the song title trolling for lyrics, I come across this a post to a gaming forum:

"RE: What are you listening to right now? Seigmen - Dödelein (acoustic version). Very few songs are more beautiful than this one. Ett tusen lykter viser vei!"

After I'd read the post, I suddenly realized the final sentence was in Norwegian and I'd read through the post without pausing to think about it... a moment of really thinking i norsk.

I've been meeting often with Allan. We've met three times this week. He's very patient and seems so happy to be speaking norsk with me, even though I know it must be painful. He loves the language and sees many fascinating connections between the words. We joke about the language... I ask for the word for 'assignment.' "Oppgave." "Oh, is that like when you read it and it is too difficult so you say 'Jeg gave opp!'?"

He has many interesting views on the United States. He sees things I do not.

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