Monday, January 26, 2009


It's been a week! A car crashed through our garage last Sunday. There's been a lot of clean up and reconstruction to do. More jobs!

Work continues to sap hours in the evenings and weekends. I've always joked about working 10 hour weeks (my actucal teaching time), but in truth I work most evenings and often on weekends as well. It's pretty consuming being a professor and trying to grow in all directions at once. I always felt a tinge of envy for those who finish their jobs and the only thing they have to think about for work tomorrow is what time to set the alarm. But I love the flexibility of my job so I never paid much attention. Until now. While in Norway, I could leave my job for the night and for the weekend -- leave my job mentally, that is -- and what a difference it made in family life! Now my eyes are opened to how much I actually do work, and as Allan observed, "People work a lot in this country." (I'm especially busy this year sitting on four committees and working with the dean on a project).

We went to the Krills on Friday for dinner, and Anika and Nikolai had more song recommendations. I've now got songs by Knutsen & Ludvidsen, two men who live in tunnels beneath the earth and sing bizarre kids songs, including Ku i tunnelen (Cow in the tunnel) and Grevling i taket (Badger in the ceiling).

I also managed to find some time to poke around YouTube for norsk videos, and I've been hitting paydirt! How about these Disney song clips in Norwegian. I'll post a couple...

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