Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Went with Krill's to Everett this weekend, det var veldig fint.

On Sunday I started listening to the CD that comes with my "official" norwegian text and workbook, trying to pick up where I left off in Norway. På Vei is a good text, the workbook is real work, and the CD has awesome readings, dialogues, poems and songs. But it's hard work, and as I started reading Chapter 12 (which is about schools), I suddenly felt completely burned out on studying.

I've been going pretty much non-stop: listening to audio lessons, finding and trying to understand videos, listening to children music, finding and translating the lyrics and then learning to sing along, meeting a couple times a week with Allan to speak.

Sunday night - POP! I broke. I've hit a point that I feel I'm getting worse, and I know enough learning and about how I learn to know that I should take a nice break and do something else for a few days. So I will. Tonight I'm just playing guitar. Well, just playing guitar and maybe singing a Norwegian song. Or two.

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