Monday, February 9, 2009

Every day, something new.

On Sunday I downloaded units 16-20 of the Pimsleur course, my once-a-month Pimsleur upgrade. Unit 16 has a section of mental math, it's tricky to concentrate on the question (Hvor mange er tjueåtte pluss fem?) and be able to answer in a complete sentence (Tjueåtte pluss fem er trettitre). "Trettitre" (33) is hard for me to pronounce, those dang rolling r's.

Then this morning I had an email from a teacher in Gjøvik wanting some help with his Math and Art project... an email all in Norwegian. Seems like every day there's something Norwegian happening!

Here's a graph of kroner vs. dollar over the last 5 years. It was about 5 nok = 1 usd when we left last summer, and by September it had shot up to 7 nok = 1 usd.

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