Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shifting and Ghosting

Got home today and had a letter waiting from Norway. A second copy of my contract. It's funny, I can actually read it this time.

And then tonight I got an email from Facebook: Luke har bekreftet deg som venn på Facebook. Følg denne lenken for å se profilen til Luke eller skrive på veggen hans. Though I've been writing on the walls of friends in Norway, it's the first email from Facebook in Norwegian.

And so, the Shift Happens.

At work, I'm starting to ghost. 'Ghost' feels like an appropriate verb here: fading out, becoming irrelevant, becoming invisible. Several people warned me this would happen once I told people I'd be going, but still I didn't think I would ghost so quickly or so dramatically. I wonder too if the shift is in others or in me... I think it is both. I shall accept this as the course of things and continue to do good work.

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