Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The trouble with lyrics

Many of the lyrics I've been finding on the internet are written to reflect the dialect of the singer, making them difficult to decifer. Some songs, like Bjørn Eidsvåg beautiful "Skyfri Himmel", have about the half the words unrecognizable to google translate. It takes a lot of head scratching and phonetics to figure out the meanings. I'm seeing more and more why the two basic topics of conversation in Norway are (1) the weather and (2) dialects.

At the end of the posting where I found the lyrics was this note:

"Det jeg liker best er teksten og koringen til Rita Eriksen. Legg for eksempel merke til at hun synger Stavangersk mens han synger Sauda-dialekt."

"What I like best is the lyrics and backing vocals of Rita Eriksen. For example, note that she sings Stavangerske while he sings Sauda-dialect."

I'm finding these dialects fascinating now that I'm beginning to hear the differences!

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