Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Odd Odd and Odd

Last week I relistened to the Norwegian Conversation CDs. One of the conversations features a friend of the main character, who is a fellow named Odd who has terrible luck. His sister is allergic to shrimp, his cat died last Friday, his mother is old and has tooth pain, his uncle is in the hospital and not expected to improve, and Odd himself has frequent headaches. In fact, he has one now and wants to go home. Poor Odd!

Maggie and I wrote a song about Odd, it was good fun. I wish I'd recorded it, but really the concept would work with just about any tune.

Speaking of Odd, Maggie and I have been into Odd Nordstoga this week. She especially likes "Heim te mor". She mumbles the words and bursts out with the Falalalalala part and cracks us both up. Good fun. I kveld som blir det song, falalalala, ja i kveld som blir det sang, falala.

And, a third Odd: Here's a song I can't find the lyrics to, so I'll have to listen carefully and translate it myself. He speaks slowly, and I understand some of it on first listen (some kind of miracle!) It's Odd Børretzer's "Vi drømte av Amerika", which talks about how norwegians used to dream of going to America, but no longer. Something about wars. The link takes you to YouTube.

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