Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This Week

We've found renters for our house, but we don't have a place yet to live yet in Trondheim. Autosøk is sending me daily updates on new listings that meet my criteria. is pretty awesome.

Also been trying to find a shipping company. We will bring a 20' cargo container, and rates on shipping services vary from $4000 to $11000. One company (the expensive one) sent a person to assess our stuff and sit down and tell us how everyting works, the others have not returned our phone calls and emails. You'd think they'd want our money. I understand it's easy to get hit with all kinds of hidden fees along the way, so I'm treating the low prices with suspicion...

This week on language learning:

• discovered new band, Vamp. Their song på Bredden is quite good. Give it a listen.
• did 20+ minutes/day every day in Norwegian in 10 minutes a day. This is a workbook that promises to teach me vast vocabulary, but it is a discipline to do this every day.
• I've been listening to Pimsleur on the way into work. I'm on unit 23 now, and they're increased the rate of speech and are speaking the instructions in Norwegian now. It's become exciting again.
• Got a new book, Teach Yourself Norwegian, by the same woman who makes the Norwegian Coversation CD that we like. It's a grammar book in English with exercises and coversations and it even throws in a few crossword puzzles and word searches. It's very good, and very demanding. I'm on chapter 4 and learning a lot about the nuts and bolts of the language -- something I really need to learn.

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