Saturday, April 11, 2009

2nd book arrived

The second book from my order last week arrived. I've already started reading the Grammar book -- it's fascinating and answering a lot of questions I had about word use. This is a great reference, especially when dissecting song lyrics and wondering why are they using "for" in that way? or things like that. It includes 17 pages of prepositional idiomatic phrases. Oh, so many. I wish I were in the Matrix and I could just download these books directly into my brain.

The other book is a book of Norwegian Folktales. One of the reviewers said she bought it to leave out because her kid reads anything she leaves out, and that kid reminded me of Maggie. Sure enough, it was in the house less than an hour and she was tucked away in the corner reading. She read the whole book in a day. I've read just the first two stories, they are only 2-3 pages each, and fascinating. Maggie says a lot of the stories have elements from other fairy tales and even Shakespeare. (Nothing like having your 11-year old explain literary connections to you!) I think I'm going to like this book too.

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