Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mer musik

I'm accumulating a good list of music, learning the lyrics, and even learning to play some on guitar and piano. But, I want more, and fortunately there are many more musicians I haven't listened to yet on Astrid's list. Continuing along, tonight's line-up is:

Anita Skorgan: lots of disco-like hits in the 70s. OK, Abba kind of stuff, but nothing to keep my attention. Check out "Oliver". She does sing on the Norwegian Pocahontas sound track, and Colors of the Wind is one of my favorites.

Wenche Myhre: from the 60s, she's very cute, and her songs have simple lyrics which she pronounces well. Still, it's very 60s. Here's a sample: La meg være ung (Let me be young).

Benedicte Adrian: Another gorgeous Norwegian woman. Gotta like Norway. She's got a lovely voice, here's a link to a Christmas song she's singing called "Det ønsker jeg meg".

Karoline Krüger: okay, of the four I've looked at tonight, I like her music the best. I'm going to check out more of her songs and add some to my music library. Here's a song called "Flugehjerte" (Bird Heart) in a video made by a fan. The video has all of the lyrics (pasted on sickly sweet backdrops), which is a tremendous help to me.

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