Friday, April 17, 2009

Moving / Lease vs. Buy

We've signed on with a moving company. It was tiring trying to find someone willing to work with us. Many places did not return emails or phone calls -- very surprising as I would think companies would want business. The company that impressed us the most was Continental, and after comparing a few prices we signed up with them and have our load-up date set.

We've not been able to find many affordable nice apartments to lease. Most are expensive student housing. The real estate for sale is much much better, so we're expanding our search and investigating properties for sale. That means navigating the Norwegian real estate system. I've sent a couple of emails to friends and now I've contacted an agent in Norway to start the process and find out what we can afford and what payments would be. I think we can a nicer place for much lower payments if we buy, but there's considerable risk if we decide not to stay in Norway.

I found this article on how the system works: It doesn't look too bad.

My preference is still to lease, but with time running down (4 months) I better have a back-up plan in place and at least get loans and accounts set up to make a quick buy. Here goes! Something else new to learn!

We're going to need a bit of luck. Fortune favors the bold!

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