Monday, April 13, 2009


Maia recommended Mummitrollet as a good children's program to watch. I found several episodes on YouTube and I'm looking forward to watching them with the kids (streaming quality, unfortunately). Maybe we can rent these when we return to Norge.

They're called the Mommins in English, and it's originally a series of Swedish pictures books written in the 40s. These "trolls" actually look like cute hippopotamuses, and they travel with their friends, trolls and non-trolls, and have adventures, apparently with deep philosophical undertones. The books were animated as a joint Japanese-Finnish venture in the 90s. You can definitely see the Japanese anime influence in the films. The cartoons fell under some criticism for commercializing these Nordic classics.

The characters were further honored in 2004 by being featured on a Finnish 10-euro coin.

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